Moduroom Project Estimate

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Thank you for your online quote enquiry for a Moduroom extension. We have calculated this first price for you based on the answers you have provided to our questions about your property and style of extension you are looking to create.

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Please note this is our estimated price and should you be keen to progress then we would arrange to meet you at your property so that our experienced surveyor can discuss your ideas in more detail and confirm measurements.

We fully appreciate that any renovation project in the home can be time consuming and take over your everyday. Our approach works hard to take away the pressure with our offsite build and speed of install so you can then enjoy your new space.

Moduroom Project Estimate

Moduroom Extension Outline:

You are looking at a single storey extension to your at , , , , .

Your Moduroom extension is a timber frame structure built in the factory at Catterick, North Yorkshire. Your Moduroom will be fully insulated, include electrics, radiators, flooring, windows and doors will be in place before we lift and install. Our Moduroom solution means you can have your new space in weeks and installed days.

To confirm we don't carry out the ground works required at the property before we install, so this is something that you will need to arrange with local contractors. But we can help you to provide them with specifications for your project so they are fully aware of the Moduroom you are instructing.

Your extension estimate:

We will build your extension to m X m to provide you with extended in place at ground level.

Design and final specification:

We will develop and work with your plans for the extension to ensure we have accurate calculations and a final drawing and technical plan that will be approved and lead the build and delivery aspect of your Moduroom.

Fully Managed Service:

On every project we provide a fully managed service, so that every step of the way you will have access to the Moduroom team and so you can feel assured that your project is planned and we work hard to ensure you have minimum disruption throughout the build and install. Our solution means we can build quickly offsite and deliver and install in days.

Our build standards include:

Your extension type
You have selected a for your extension.

Exterior finish of your extension
You have selected to have a finish to the external walls.

Roof Finish
The roof coverage you have selected for your extension is .

Base flooring in your extension
The flooring in your extension for delivery will be 22mm standard base flooring. This is then ready for you to complete as you wish with either tiling, flooring or carpet.

We can even fit your flooring such as tiles or wooden flooring in your extension in the factory before we install.

Internal walls in your extension
Internally the walls/ceiling will be skim finished over 12.5mm plaster board. Internal walls will have appropriate acoustic insulation and external walls will be thermally insulated to a minimum of 0.18U Value. So, ready for you to decorate.

Fixtures and fittings in your extension:
For this size of extension and for this initial estimate we have included:

Internal electrics, we will put in place before we install. There will be 4 sets of double sockets in each of the rooms.

x Standard Radiators (inc. Thermo Valves) BTU’s to suit room requirements

Delivery, Transport & Installation
We fully manage and have included costs for your Moduroom to be delivered on a transporter to your property. The crane will be booked and arrive at specified time to carry out the lift in just a few hours.

Our install team will be on site for the delivery, lift and will remain on site to carry out internal works to complete install inside the property. Lift will take 1 day and install will take days.

Your estimated cost for your extension

(Excl VAT)£
(Incl VAT)£

Next steps:

If you are keen to take this initial estimate for your project further, then please get in touch and we can arrange for our experienced surveyor to visit your property and discuss your extension further.

This initial estimate is valid for 30 days from issue date all prices are quoted in GB Pounds Sterling with Value Added Tax added at the full rate specified by HMRC (where applicable). Changes to this outline for the project could apply once a full survey and final drawings have been approved for the project to commence.