Our Solution Our Solution

Our Solution

Moduroom provides
a perfect solution to
homeowners today
that wish to extend
and have their new
space quickly.

Our factory build and speed of lift and install means that you don’t have builder on site for weeks. We only need to be at the property to lift into place and complete install in a matter of days. We install all fixtures in the factory so that when we deliver it is complete for you to enjoy.

We appreciate that homeowners today that love their current property but would like to create more space need expert advice, our design and structural team can make your ideas become a reality in weeks.

Moduroom is the perfect solution to ground floor home extensions and two storey loft extensions. We offer a factory build solution, to design to your requirements and build your perfect extension to your property.

We offer a bespoke factory built house extension solution every time, each property and the requirements are different. Together we can work out the design and the fixtures and fittings so that when we lift and install your new space it is completed and ready for you to enjoy.

Are you looking for a new playroom for the children, kitchen extension, dining space extension, a garden room to replace a conservatory, an office or garage conversion into a living space to enjoy. Whatever your ideas we can help you to find the right solution that is tailored to your specification.

Our approach is to provide you with a fully managed service from start to finish we will come to the property and discuss your ideas and then provide a detailed quotation. All planning applications will be carried out by our team and we can then give you an agreed build and install date.

You can visit the factory to see your Moduroom in progress, this brings your project to life and you can start to get excited about your new space.

Your ground floor extension will need some ground works completing before we deliver, lift and install – we will be able to help to organise this for your project.

You can rest assured that doing your house extension with Moduroom means it won’t take over your day to day life, we reduce the mess and stress at home with an offsite build and install in a matter of days.

There are so many reasons why choosing Moduroom could be right for you:

  • Factory build quality
  • Extend your property in weeks
  • Create a bespoke living space to suit your needs
  • Single or Two storey extensions
  • Don’t have builders on site weeks/months
  • Visit the factory to see your new space
  • Fully managed service from Design, Planning to Build and Installation